Don't forget your popcorn and soda!

The Imaginopolis cinema is where it all happens in Microsoft 3D Movie Maker. McZee will follow you in every room except for the projects room, where you'll be in the company of Melanie.

Rooms[edit | edit source]

  • Ticket Booth
  • Lobby
  • Theater
  • Backstage
    • Ideas
      • Movie idea generator
      • Talent book (can be accessed from within the studio movie maker once all the pages have been found)
    • Studio
    • Projects
      • 3D Logo tutorial
      • Movie creation tutorial

Map[edit | edit source]

Here is a map to the cinema. The rooms as well as the tools in the backstage rooms are clickable in 3D Movie Maker. There is a volume control slider to the lower left, a red X button (to go back to where you were) and an exit button (to leave 3DMM) to the lower right. If you get lost, McZee will ask you what you would like to do next.

The map to Imaginopolis's cinema

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