McZee is always ready to show you the talent book.

If you have 3DMM, you already have access to the talent book. However, this table should make it faster to look up a character of a particular demographic you need for your cast.

Name Sex Ethnicity/Nationality
Alexander Dutch
Augustin Italian - Rome
Bella Hispanic/Mexican?
Benedict Caucasian, nationality unspecified
Billy Canadian - Nova Scotia
Bino BeGood Nigerian - Ibo
Bo Sub-Saharan African, nationality unspecified
B.O.N.G.O. German
Charlie Afro-American - NYC
Christina Afro-American - NYC
Claudia Indian
Crash ♂? robot
Eliza Mexican - Cancún
Frank Caucasian, nationality unspecified
Gabriel Caucasian - Californian
Gregory Caucasian, nationality unspecified
Gustave Italian - Portofino
Hiro Japanese - Sendai
Jeremy Caucasian - Conneticut
Jerzy Polish
Joshephine Indian - Bangalore
Kim Japanese
Martha Caucasian - Paducah, Texas
Michael Caucasian or Asian - Chicago, IL
Mimi Afro-American - Poughkeepsie NY
Maribella English - London
Nakita Russian - St. Petersburg
Patrick Irish - Dunmore
Ramu Indian - Jaipur
Randolph English - Bristol
Roxanne Chinese - Beijing
Salvador Spaniard - Madrid
Sebastian Afro-American/Black, nationality unspecified
Slam German - Berlin
Timothy Greek - Athens
Valentine French - Marseilles
Venie Italian - Naples
Wanda ♀? robot
Willy ??
Zack Spaniard - Madrid
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